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Delio Food Hub Delicatesseria
Koukaki Athens / Κουκάκι Αθήνα

Year / Έτος
: 2021
Status / Κατάσταση: Completed / Ολοκληρωμένο
Construction / Κατασκευή: Fotis Zannias
Photography / Φωτογραφίες: Alex Skondras

Delio Food Hub & Delicatesseria is a unique concept of a hidden food warehouse located in the heart of Athens.
It provides to the visitor a private culinary experience based exclusively on products of small Greek producers from different parts of Greece.
Τhe design approach and the whole atmosphere of the space has been created in such a way to make the visitor feels warmth and comfortable.
A big central table which is surrounded by "libraries" of products is the focal element of a space of about 50sqm.
Dinner is prepared in exactly the same place, as there is no kitchen, because none of the dishes are actually cooked.
Externally, the space does not predispose to what is happening inside, the whole place is a well-hidden secret waiting to be discovered.

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